Terms & Conditions

1: Any equipment hired remains the property of TESS. The hirer shall not hire, lend, sell or abandon any equipment belonging to TESS.

2: The hire will commence at the time of delivery and will continue until TESS is notified by the hirer that the equipment is no longer required and can be collected.

3: The hirer is responsible for any hired equipment for up to ten days or until TESS has collected the equipment from the site.

4: The hired equipment shall be returned in the same condition it was supplied. If not a reasonable charge will be made for cleaning, repairing or replacing.

5: The hirer shall indemnify TESS in respect of all claims by any person whatsoever for damage to property and/or injury to persons caused in connection with or arising out use of the hired equipment in respect of all costs and charges.

6: TESS will not be held liable for consequences of any delay in delivery and collection of equipment due to circumstances out of our control.

7: Any invoice becomes due for payment as soon as it is received. However, TESS’s debt collection procedures do not begin until 30 days.

8: You will be responsible for ensuring that the site is level and fir. There will be unrestricted, appropriate and safe access for TESS’s vehicles and equipment to deliver, collect and service the equipment.

9: You will be liable for all costs or expenses arising to TESS from failure to provide such access. You will pay extra for anytime or attendance including any attempt by TESS to carry out delivery, collection or service our equipment at all times.

10: Should any of TESS’s vehicles become stranded during our course of work the hirer will be responsible for all costs arising until the vehicles is operational again and can continue work, including loss of time, removing vehicle from site and any damage to our vehicle or property or other people, vehicles or property.

11: Should the hirer wish to cancel any contract verbal or otherwise TESS reserve the right to apply the following cancellation charges.
Within 90 days of hire period = no charge
Within 30 days of hire period = 25% plus VAT
Within 14 days of hire period = 50% plus VAT
Within 7 days of hire period – 100% plus VAT

12: The hirer is responsible for the safty, safe keeping and return of the equiopment for the duration of the hire period.

13: The hirer must take out their own insurance to cover loss of / Or damage to any equipment whilst on hire. To cover replacement value of equipment plus any lost hire charges.

14: In the event of an emergency we reserve the right to substitute the requested hire equipment with a suitable alternative.

15: The hirer shall provide a plan showing the desired location of the equipment or have a representative on site for that purpose. It is advisable to have a representative to accept delivery and to check the condition of the equipment. In the absence of above, after a reasonable length of time has elapsed, it may be necessary to place the equipment at our discretion and the contract will be deemed complete.

Definitions used herein

1: Off hired: means formerly hired by the hirer and still in possession of hirer.

2: TESS: means Teesdale Event and Site Services.

3: You: Means the hirer